Thinking of Potiki

November 9, 2010

I am aware that this may sound more like a rant, but right now I want to post my thoughts and then get creative with it…

As for greed in society I truly think politics take the cake. Maybe even literally. They score money and support for specific groups like the NRA and thanks to their “contributions” we get those lovely campaign commercials. And once these unattractively selected persons get their positions we get to see what they’re really like. I could have sworn I heard cutting taxes, but maybe my ears deceive me (I doubt it). And you promised jobs, correct? Hmmm, must have been someone else. So what are you doing? Taking our money? Wasting space? It must be good to hold a job that won’t deteriorate until all expenses have forced you into bankruptcy and then you have nothing. We’re still living the “American Dream” with the dingy white fence, the crack head son and the prostitute daughter and the dog we can’t afford to keep healthy and the car we can’t insure, the house now falling apart. Tell me again, what is it you are doing in Washington?

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