Taking on Queens

November 9, 2010

Currently I have not gotten very far at all. I turned to former Queens College students (parents I knew of even some of my customers at work). I thought their thoughts would help me or that I’d get a sense of what Queens college was like a couple of years ago. I was a little beside myself when I heard that not much had changed. But then it got me thinking, I can try to squeeze in an interview with my advisor after I talk to her about my own upcoming semester dilemma. If I can’t get anywhere I have an idea of what I can do, but I can’t post what that is because I’m now aware of how easy it is to access my site just by googling my name.

With that I still have a few possible questions to ask, some of them students might enjoy…

Q: How do you set up the time and place for finals and why are there overlaps?

Q: Why are some important classes available one semester and not the next semester AND how are students supposed to graduate on time with that dilemma?

Q: Why is tuition going up yet again and yet classes are still disappearing?

Q: How can we make Queens College more efficient for students financially, academically, etc?

These are just the few, more important questions. Again, I lost confidence when I heard that Queens College had always been this way, but I’m still going to try.

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  1.   dzantua Says:

    I think that if you were to put up flyers around campus and talk to friends about this project, you can gain alot of momentum and buzz for this. Almost every student here absolutely detests the way it is run, and that is only getting worse now with the cunyFIRST system =(

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