Poem for my New York

November 9, 2010

For the record I feel weird doing this because I don’t feel I specifically belong to a certain group, but I am going to try. Keep in mind some words won’t be spelled correctly.

Poem for my New York

My friends and I like to mange

and add fat to our panze

I’m half Italian with no sense of the language





it’s not ri-ca-ta cheese

observe instead the g sound please

and as a matter of fact it’s not motza-rella

it’s mozzarella and extend the sound of the “o”

and as for my last name

it would please me if you say it right

it’s not boogia or boogie

instead say it like a j existed there



Now say it right…

forget it

we’ll be at it all night

2 Responses to “Poem for my New York”

  1.   spine Says:

    This was really fun to read. I loved how you teach the pronunciation of the words while keeping them smoothly incorporated throughout the poem. You said in the beggining that you don’t feel like you belong to a certain group, but by putting emphasis on people saying words such as your last name properly and teaching the reader how to say it you not only formed a group but you invited people into it. I like this a lot. Good Job!

  2.   dzantua Says:

    Oh man. All the times I’ve seen family members both cringe at people mispronouncing food terms as well as awkwardly speaking as to try and communicate. It’s interesting how in some ways these very precise definitions do carry meaning, but at the same time they just refer to food.

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