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September 28, 2010

I’m just going to paste what I wrote in my paper…

I love being a Queens College student. I like most of my professor, I like the people on campus and I like the campus itself. However, any who goes to Queens College knows that when it comes to helping students the advisement and registrar offices aren’t very helpful at all. I know personally when I went to the registrar’s office to change my tuition from out of state to instate I got the run-around for 2 weeks. I had all the information I needed and no one in the office even batted their eyelashes at me. I was paying almost double of what I pay now, and to not be taken seriously or even be looked at is not acceptable.

            I went to another university before I attended QC and the people in every office were always generous and helpful. I want to know why there’s a problem with hospitality at QC and want to know if the people working are completely qualified. Since the advising center is always packed with students I want to know if there are enough advisors to students. I know my advisor is not a part of the advising center, but then why is she my advisor and shouldn’t be able to aid me with advising needs?

            My first step is to talk to students, since my friends are easier to interview I will use them, to see any problems they have had. Then I will address the issue to a central body, if possible. Next I will ask questions concerning the issues so I can better find or look for solutions that will both be beneficial to the students and fair to the associates. Last I will execute the solution I find and hopefully make life easier for the students.

            As a group, I would ask for some input on any major problems you’ve faced at QC involving either the registrar’s office or advising center, or if you’ve had problems elsewhere. I would also appreciate any ideas or feedback anyone has to fixing these problems. Any comments are welcome since I do not make up all of the students body and I’m trying to make campus better for all students, not just myself.

            I know that the student government should be the body of people I go to, but I don’t think any student government has done much and doubt that they would be helpful. I will seek out my advisor instead, asking her questions and seeing if she could direct me to a central person who is in charge of the offices on campus. Then, after finding that person I will try to work with them on resolving problems and finding reasonable solutions. I’m hoping that this will finally benefit students and make QC a likable place all around for students.

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  1.   spine Says:

    This is an interesting idea and i feel a common problem. I am excited to see what kind of results you get. To answer your question my problem with advising is getting the correct information. Some people need co majors to graduate which means two advisors and these two advisors have no connecting information. I know I am always left with two different options and no one to help me find out which is better. Good luck on the project, I think talking to the students will lead you to success in finding solutions.

  2.   akavouras100 Says:

    I can definitely identify with what you’ve described here. A huge problem I also noticed is the communication among the departments and Academic Advising. I was once given some false information pertaining to my major requirements. I had to confirm with a faculty advisor instead of the advising center, which I find dissappointing, seeing as though it is their job to ultimately answer these basic and integral questions.

  3.   Desmond Zantua Says:

    I think this is a tremendous topic and one that could gain a lot of momentum, very easily and very quickly. In my personal experience, the registrar is just unbelievably incompetent. Last Fall semester my parents realized they were going to be late a few days with the first tuititionpay installment, and called to make sure that I would not lose the classes I was scheduled for. They were told that there would be no problems and I’d retain my classes. When I checked my schedule to refresh my mind the day before classes started, to my shock I had no classes listed. We were given false information, and a false sense of security. I lost most of my classes, ended up with inconvenient time frames, and ended up in a brutally awful Geology class called Dinosaurs, in which 80% of the class was just about prehistoric rock and dating plants. I had to P/NC it. Give ’em hell.

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