A Man’s Love Rant

September 15, 2010

I took a tired ride

inside a train to rant

about a war so raw

it sent rocks to my core.

A woman’s vile love.

It’s cruel how they lure you

like a rose turned to a sore

a flower so rotten it tore me up.

I bore my robes of warth and care

But she gave me a rash that I share

with you who look upon this cooled heart.

Her name was so mean I had

the right to these tears.

To try to win now is pointless,

it is vile love

4 Responses to “A Man’s Love Rant”

  1.   tlee Says:

    The corporeal descriptions (rock to my core, sore, rash) are quite effective in this poem, and the references to a “vile love” are reflective of Villa’s poetry.

  2.   spine Says:

    I like how you used the description of a flower in an almost ugly way. Especially a rose which is so often used in poetry as a expression of beauty. It made for an interesting twist.

  3.   akavouras100 Says:

    I really enjoy this poem; I like your use of imagery, and how it comes full circle at the end with the last line.

  4.   Desmond Zantua Says:

    The way this “rant” incorporates very strong metaphors that change common perceptions (“rose turned to a sore”; “flower so rotten”) works very well. I feel as though it proves a rant to have the capability to be poignant and coherent.

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